Learning is eating

Why are there so many TV shows, even a whole channel, dedicated solely to food and cooking? Because everyone does it! It is a part of every day of your entire life. Personally, I’ve rarely been one to watch these types of shows but a recent bout of pandemic-induced insomnia convinced me to select Crazy Delicious on Netflix one night. Each episode is a competition between three different home chefs, trying to impress the judges with courses that are both crazy and delicious.

So while cuddling with my cat, I listened to the “food gods” describe their expectations and critique dishes accordingly. What surprised me was their focus on and fascination with the experience of eating. There is so much more to food than just the taste and texture: visual appeal, memory activation, interaction with different elements. Then it hit me- food is instruction. Chefs are instructional designers. Eating is learning. It’s something that everyone does whether they want to or not. The creations can be incredibly engaging or unbearably overdone.

Now the real question is, why is there no channel about instruction?!? I would love to watch a version of Crazy Delicious where instructional designers compete by creating content for the “learning gods.” Each course in the show is a a different type of challenge. So instead of showcasing the apple, contestants must showcase gamification. They don’t reinvent the hotdog, they reinvent visual aids. The creative possibilities are endless.

Is anybody with me on this?? What type of instructional design show do you think would inspire and educate the masses?

Photo credit: Channel 4

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