So many tech tools, so little time

Which apps work for what? If purchasing a tool/subscription, is it worth the price? How are you able to try them all? Like Jen writes in her blog post, How to Fail in Instructional Design, using something new is a risk and the consequences will vary.

While some tools are free or have a free version, not all do. The features may pale in comparison to those of a premium account or the app will continuously bombard the user with opportunities to upgrade (I’m looking at you, Kahoot!).

This is my proposal: a subscription service that allows the user to to access the features of standard memberships on a variety of platforms. It could be connected to your Google account which you would use to log in to whatever educational tech tool you would like. For one price, you could use (or try) any app that has agreed to participate in the service. This would be particularly useful if purchased by a school or company, allowing staff to have access to a multitude of resources.

Of course, the likelihood of this idea is minimal. However, perhaps a creative perspective like yours could improve it!

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