My Portfolio

Check out my story and a few examples of my work here. If you are interested in additional details or specific projects, please email me directly.

My Story

How I came to be an Instructional Designer.

Needs Assessment

Teacher Preparedness in Supporting LGBTQ+ Students

Following research, interviews, and analysis, I make recommendations for educating high school teachers on what the LGBTQ+ population needs in the classroom, how to address those needs, and how to actually put that into practice. To read more, click the link above and download the document.

Content Creation: Videos

5 Quick Tips for Teenagers Learning Remotely

I have experience creating videos with Adobe Premiere Pro and Camtasia. Above is an example using Camtasia that I made for students learning from home during the pandemic.

Content Creation: Job Aids

How to Report a Case of Child Abuse or Neglect

Job Aids provide information quickly and simply in order to improve employee performance. My flowchart here supports teachers when they must determine when to report child abuse and to which parties.

Online Course Design

Being an LGBTQ+ Ally in and out of the Classroom

This course for K-12 teachers is composed of three modules. The first and third of which include synchronous sessions. Learners recognize and reflect on common biases and assumptions about the LGBTQ+ community as they are conveyed in everyday life as well as in educational settings. Together, they set and work towards specific individual goals to take action as allies in and out of school.

The video here is an introduction to the course.

eLearning Development

Child Abuse and Neglect: Recognizing and Reporting

I worked with a partner to redevelop a school district’s existing professional development course. We analyzed the current eLearning, created learner profiles, developed instruction and assessment strategies, storyboarded my UI prototype, and each created interactive training for one of the objectives using Articulate 360.

Content Creation: Infographics

Instructional Design Model Comparison

This is an infographic that I created to demonstrate the similarities and differences between several common Instructional Design approaches.